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A New Day, A New Deficit

You cannot build something new in a place that is already full.

What should be our attitude towards those parts of The Zohar we think we already know in us?

It does not matter whether I recognize or don't recognize some parts of The Zohar in me. It may very well be that whatever I located correctly yesterday, I may locate today in a different way, more internal. If a person does not find another layer every day, deeper, it means he has not gone through any change from yesterday; he did not feel the darkness and despair and therefore hasn't tried to fill the gap with "Ein Od Milvado" (There Is None Else Besides Him).

If I read The Zohar and everything seems the same as yesterday, then that's not good. Reading The Zohar, I should feel how this emptiness and search opens up in me. The feeling that I already know and understand blocks me and stops my progress. How can you build something new in a place that is already full?


 -from the 1st part of the daily Kabbalah lesson (minutes 20-22)


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