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The correction is only in the connection between us. This is what we need to yearn to attain. 

The outcome of the study of The Zohar needs to be my feeling of necessity to be connected with others.  It is essential since without the connection I won't discover spirituality.  The connection with others and the revelation of the Creator are the same thing.  Without a doubt, this needs to be revealed as inner work.  You must feel this.  When we speak of spirituality, we speak about unity, and all the phenomenon are within the unity.  If it's not in unity, it's not spirituality.  The outcome of the illumination of the Light that reforms needs to be an understanding that spirituality is only in unity.

All my spiritual desires, for advancement to the Creator, I need to pass by way of the friends. What is the meaning of "by way of the friends"? As it is written, "Israel, the Torah, and The Holy One Blessed Be He, is One."  The Torah is the Light, the correction; it bestows on the connection between us, and I need to discover the gap between us and the break.

I need to correct myself? The connection appears only between me and you, in the connection between us. If we want very much to connect, yearn to attain connection, and try to connect but don't succeed, then the efforts will already bring us to the goal.  The Zohar influences us gradually. How much do we need to invest in babies before they grow?  We are the same. There is no other solution, and we don't need to think that it's a matter of time.  The concept of our time is an expression of the great number of actions, as opposed to Malchut (Kingdom) of Olam ha Zeh (this world), which is great and complicated.  We need to go through billions of inner actions, so that in externality they are expressed as "time."  One needs to yearn.

-from the 1st part of the daily Kabbalah lesson (minutes 74 - 78)


Daily Kabbalah Bites

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